The government of India banned 59 Chinese mobile applications, including top social media platforms such as TikTok, Helo and WeChat, to counter the threat posed by these applications to the country’s “sovereignty and security,” it said in a press release late on Monday.

Several celebrities of the TV fraternity including Nia Sharma, Amrita Rao, Tina Datta, Kushal Tandon, Kamya Panjabi have lauded the government’s move to ban the Chinese app.

Nia Sharma took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the ban announcement on TV and wrote, “Thank youu for saving our country. This Virus named Tik tok should never be allowed again!”

Actor Kushal Tandon and ‘Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki’ actress Kamya Punjabi also hailed the government’s decision to ban the app. Tina Datta also said

Amrita Rao tweeted, “Trust the decision of banning some apps by the GOI, in the best interest of our country’s security, besides Social Media addiction and Mental health are known enemies .. Just a break from them may help detox and introspect!! #BanTikTokInIndia #BanTiktok #dataprotection.”

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Actress Hina Khan recently stepped out for a dubbing session at a studio for an upcoming web show. Narrating the experience of working post lockdown, Hina took to Instagram and shared that she “didn’t feel safe”.

“This was my first outdoor activity post lockdown. Trust me I just did not feel safe… this is just a glimpse of an actor’s life.. I sanitised everything around, before I began,” she shared.

Hina Khan

Hina also tried dubbing with a mask on her face but it was difficult.

“As an actor either I do it with full dedication or I choose to not do it. I tried to maintain a distance from a mic and dubbed, but guess what, It didn’t work, I was told my voice is not clear.

hina 2

“I realised it’s unsafe to inhale and exhale so close to the microphone. God knows how many have dubbed in the same studio before me. God knows who amongst them is a carrier,” she added.

Hina 4

However, she says the studio was properly sanitised.

“The studio is taking full precautions and sanitising the place properly and regularly. But one careless move can be fatal, unfortunately.

Hina khan

Hina 5

Despite the scare, Hina will continue working. “An actor has no choice. You got to do what you got to do. Be it dubbing or shooting, we only take risks to entertain you honestly and will continue to do so. All we need is your support, love and appreciation,” Hina concluded.

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Jennifer Winget’s chemistry with Kushal Tandon in the show ‘Beyhadh’ made fans fall in love with their onscreen pairing. The actor did not take up season 2 because he did not find it interesting enough.

Kushal says he hasn’t watched the second season of the show, which apparently went off air due to low TRP. “I haven’t seen it, though I was offered the second season too. I didn’t take up the project as the concept didn’t kick me as much as the first season did and I was also busy doing other projects at that time. But I would get fans’ messages on how they were missing me. But the first season of Beyhadh is airing in Spain and America,” he told Times of India.

Actor Shivin Narang, who is part of ‘Beyhadh 2’, shared an photos and videos with Jennifer from the show recently. Tagging Jennifer and writing ‘memories’, Shivin shared the image and captioned it, “Watching #Beyhadh2 (online).” #ShivJen fans shared the image on their Instagram accounts.

shivin jennifer

‘Beyhadh 2’ was pulled out abruptly owing to the coronavirus lockdown. The show’s characters received some love but overall it wasn’t able to receive the response from ‘Beyhadh’ season 1. Kushal had played the role of Arjun on the show and Jennifer played Maya in both the seasons. Shivin Narang, who played Rudra Roy on the show, was in the news after he injured himself during the lockdown. The actor has been recovering speedily now.

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Actor Kushal Tandon recently took to Instagram to write an explosive post demanding a ban on TikTok, a video-making app that originated in China. The actor said that amid the Coronavirus pandemic, TikTok should be banned as China launched it for “useless people.” This comes mere days after actor Vivek Dahiya supported the app.

Kushal’s note read, “While the whole world is f****d coz of China, but still guess what are Indians and many others are giving them the revenue from s*** #tik tok, while China made Tlk tok for people who were useless and who had nothing to do, and look at us all haha, every one is in Tlk tok, ban Tlk tok proud of never using this shit Tik tok. Ban Tlk tok.” (sic)

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Vivek Dahiya recently took to Instagram to support the app. He also wrote a note that said, “For those suggesting we should ban made In China. remember – the mobile phone you use to express your thoughts about banning an app was also assembled in the same part of the world so are 7 out of 10 products in every average household. China is branded the manufacturer of the world, whether we like it or not. Am pretty sure the founder of this app was not responsible for conspiring the Corona virus. Additionally. hydroxycioroquine used for recovery is either made In India or China.

The bottom line is. we are all interdependant in this global marketplace. II one nation is a Buyer, then the other is a Seller. and both need one another to move forward. towards a single Goal of prosperity. Unless of course, we are fully self sufficient in everything but no such example exists.”

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