Center to bring Study Web Portal for students

Study Web Portal

Study Web Portal

:- The state government has decided to extend the lockdown period by looking at the situation of Azbangla Coronavirus infection. The lockdown will continue till April 7 in the state. Besides, all educational institutions, including schools and colleges in the state, will be closed till June 6.

On Saturday, six new coronary cases were reported in the state. With this, the number of Corona attacks in West Bengal reached 120. Apart from West Bengal, Maharashtra, Orissa, Rajasthan, Telangana and Punjab have also decided to extend the lockdown period. The central human resource development ministry is launching a new Study Web Portal to provide study material for the benefit of school and college students from home to lockdown.

It is learned that the Union Ministry has planned to publish all the notes and question papers in the Study Web Portal according to the syllabus of the online studies of the students from the first grade to the third year of college. It is reported that the central officials will discuss this matter with the state education ministers next week. So far, 221 people have died of Covid-1 attack. In the last 24 hours, 3 new people have been reported in the country. Five people died. 4 people were healed.

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