Self Motivation

By | April 27, 2019

Self Motivation.


Self Motivation you probably already know what Self-motivation is, but just in the case of your idea what is it needs a bit of fleshing out, here’s definition:

Self-motivation is its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things.”

It’s the drive you have to work towards your goals, put effort into self-development, and achieve personal fulfilment.

Motivation to achieves that comes from sincerely wanting to achieve and desiring the inherent rewards associated. It can also be driven by extrinsic motivation, the drive to achieve that comes from wanting the external rewards (like money, power, status, or recognition), and although it’s clear to that intrinsic motivation is usually a more effective and fulfilling drive.

Emotional Intelligence

The placement of self-motivation within emotional intelligence highlights its a role within our ability to understand ourselves, relate to others, and to succeed in reaching our goals.

Self-motivation is a key element of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the measure of the individual’s ability to recognize and manage their emotions and the emotions of other people.

Goleman states that there are four components of self-motivation:

  • Achievement drive, or the personal drive to achieve, improve, and meet a certain standard.
  • Commitment to your own personal goal.
  • “Readiness to act on opportunities.”
  • Optimism, the tendency to look ahead and persevere with the belief that you can reach your goal.

Self-motivation is easy to understand when you consider examples:

  • A man who goes to work every day but just to pay the bills. it keeps his family off his back and pleases his boss is not self-motivated while a man. who needs no external forces to make the trek into work every day. it finds fulfilment in what he does is self-motivated.
  • The student who only completes her homework when her parents remind her, nags her, or ground her for failure to complete is not self-motivated, but the student who completes to her homework with no prodding because she wants to learn and succeed in school is self-motivated.
  • The woman who only goes to the gym when her friends drag her there or because her doctor is adamant that she needs to exercise to get healthy again is not self-motivated, but the woman who sets an early alarm and schedules time to get to the gym whether anyone encourages her or not is self-motivated.

You can see that self-motivation is all about where your drive comes from; if your motivation comes from within and pushes you to achieve for your own personal reasons, it can be considered self-motivation.

It is possible to be self-motivated in some areas of life and not in others. Besides if the man from the first example is not internally motivated to go to work but is sure to make time for his marathon training, he is not self-motivated when it comes to working but maybe self-motivated regarding his training.

If you are only motivated to achieve a standard set by someone else and not for your own internal satisfaction, you are probably not self-motivated.

  • Consequences
  • Choice
  • Competence
  • Community

Self-motivation requires personal standards against which to evaluate ongoing performance. Both the anticipated satisfaction for matching the attainments and the dissatisfactions with insufficient ones provide incentives for self-directed actions.

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