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Prema Biswas’s father carries her on his back as he wades along a waterlogged stretch of VIP Road on the way t…Read More

I would have missed my first job interview had my father not been with me on Monday. The incessant rain and lack of adequate public transport had already made me late when we came across the waterlogged stretch on VIP Road. My father carried me on his back for several metres, wading across the road to get to a dry spot so that my clothes would remain clean.
I had my interview at an office in Axis Mall and was dressed for it. When we boarded a bus from my home at Basirhat, I was busy preparing for the potential questions I would be asked. But when we got down at Kaikhali, bigger worries confronted me. We found there were no private buses heading to New Town and as we waited for a state bus, I realized I was running late.
After waiting for around 45 minutes, we started walking. On reaching Haldirams crossing, we found the entire stretch under waist-deep water. I was afraid of getting my clothes dirty before an interview. My father came to my rescue and carried me on his back for 10 minutes, till we reached a dry pavement. We finally got a bus and reached the office, more than two and half hours late. But the interviewers were accommodating and I got selected for training.
Heading back home was a more taxing affair as it took us more than two hours to reach Chinar Park from Axis Mall. We then waded through the water before waiting for an hour for something to take us home. We finally got a mini truck heading towards Barasat and reached home around 10pm. If this is the condition of public transport in the city, I wonder how I will be able to travel to and from office from next month.
(Biswas, a 20-year-old job aspirant, spoke to Mayukh Sengupta)

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