Government said, India in better condition than other countries, no one died due to corona virus

New Delhi Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said on Monday that the government is fully prepared to deal with the corona virus. The Union Health Ministry is issuing guidelines to states in all languages ​​to deal with the virus. He said that even before the WHO issued a global alert, we had started an exercise to deal with this virus. That is why we are in a better position today than the rest of the countries. However, we do not need to be overconfident about this. We need to thoroughly investigate any case.


Meanwhile, the special secretary (health) of the central government has clarified that the patient who died in Murshidabad, West Bengal, did not get corona virus infection. His investigation report has come negative. So far no one has died of Corona virus in the country. Let us know that the total number of infected people has reached 42 after the new cases of Corona virus have been reported in the country. According to officials, a new case has emerged from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir.

The Union Health Minister said that on January 18, we started universal screening at seven airports, which is now continuing at 30 airports. All travelers coming from other countries of the world are being screened. So far, a total of 8,74,708 passengers have been screened. There are 46 labs for testing of corona virus across the country. Apart from this, we have placed 56 labs as collection centers. Today we have four positive cases of corona virus. In these, one case each has been reported in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala and Jammu.

The Union Health Minister said on Monday that instructions have been given by the Ministry of Health to states to set up laboratories in advisory and increase manpower for the treatment of patients. We have sent our scientists and laboratories for the stranded Indians in Iran to the Islamic Republic. These people will start working when we get custom clearance. Right now we are bringing samples from there. We will bring back the Indians when the sample report comes back negative.

Harsh Vardhan (Dr Harsh Vardhan) told that the government is continuously making people aware on the phone too. In case of increasing cases, we have spoken to the Delhi government regarding isolation wards, availability of doctors and other precautions. We have spoken to CM Kejriwal on issues related to the infection in Delhi. The number of countries infected with the corona virus is increasing. In such a situation, we need extensive preparations. No one needs to panic about the risk of corona virus.

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